I am Armando Sosa. A Musician currently living in Guadalajara, Mexico. Welcome to my site.

Savage: Turn SVG files into React Components

02 July, 2018

See, kids, back in my days you needed to use images to do all kind of things that today can be accomplished using CSS only. Round corners…

ReactKeyboardist now includes KeyboardInput

26 June, 2018

Just a quick notice to announce that I released new versions of both Keyboardist and React Keyboardist that adds support for listening…

Material Design Icons in React

18 June, 2018

This is a short post to let you know of a little package I made.

React Router + Keyboardist

13 June, 2018

In which we make a Route component that respond to keyboard input

Presenting Keyboardist

04 June, 2018

I really like my keyboard shortcuts. Nothing says Power User ™ than expertly using an application without even without touching the mouse…

GitHub Pages Three Ways

29 May, 2018

Is it weird that GitHub is quickly becoming my favorite hosting platform?

So you want to build a blog with Gatsby?

25 May, 2018

This site runs on Gatsby , the open source static website generator that just recently became a venture backed company and I’m liking it…

Hello World. Again.

23 May, 2018

The idea of writting again is terrifying.