Hello World. Again.

a declaration of intentions

May 23, 2018

The idea of writting again is terrifying.

Yes, I used to write regularly in bloig-form for almost 6 years starting in 2004 and then I stopped. I’ve been wanting for a while to write again and use that writing to re-launch my online presence but I can’t get myself to do it.

The most terrifying part is that I need to write in English this time, instead of my native Spanish and and I don’t feel very confident doing that. Don’t get me wrong: I’m already a lousy writter in my native language, but at least I have several decades of practice. Even then, it was the lack of relevancy of writting in Spanish was one of the things that made me stop almost a decade ago. I love my language but English is the norm in the tech space.

Another reason I stopped blogging is that I was sick of WordPress. It is true that developing WP themes and plugins put food on my table for many years but, ugh, it’s like when you work on a pizzeria for a while and hate pizza thereafter. Maybe I’ll reacquire a taste for dynamic PHP CMS but in the mean time this blog is powered by Gatsby.

Finally, it was the rise of social media (Twitter, Facebook) that made me think that I didn’t need a blog after all. Now social media is broken and toxic and I realized that a blog is still an options so here I am.

And now, maybe you’re figuring out that this nonsensical post is basically a glorified lorem ipsum. I’m so sorry. I promise I’ll write a real blog post next time.

Thank you for reading.